Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the products you sell on authentic?
Yes, every item sold on the K&D Infinity LLC site is 100% Authentic. Please rest assure we do NOT sell fakes or variants.

Are your collector shoes wearable?
Older collector shoes (i.e, 7 years or older) may not be suitable for wear and may deteriorate quickly with actual usage. We will note any obvious defects or yellowing that can be seen with the naked eye. However, we cannot assume any responsibility in the case of older, vintage shoes if worn.

Why does my shipping address have to match my billing address?
Because of the high rate of fraud, it is necessary to restrict the shipping address to a PayPal confirmed address or the billing address of the card holder’s credit card.

What does it mean to have a confirmed address?
When you have a PayPal account you have an option to CONFIRM your address. This means that you will need to enter bank account information into PayPal in order to confirm your address.

How can I tell if an address is confirmed?
If an address is confirmed, the address status will display as "Confirmed" on payment receipts and the Transaction Details page in PayPal.

How do I confirm my address?
To confirm your address, you will first need to add a credit card to your PayPal account. If your credit card company supports the Address Verification System, PayPal will check that the address you provided for your account matches the billing address that your credit card company has on file. You may be required to complete the Expanded Use enrollment process, to activate your credit card. Your address may be confirmed after the Expanded Use enrollment process has been successfully completed. Please note that because not all credit card companies are currently able to confirm an address, only some UK and Canadian addresses may be confirmed at this time.

Why was my order canceled?
There are a few reasons that your order can be canceled without notice. Please see below:

Out Of Stock - Occasionally, a product will over sell due to popularity, inventory malfunction, etc. If we are unable to fill your order, we will cancel and refund your order immediately. You will receive an email stating "Out of stock". If you paid via PayPal, you will see this refund immediately. If you paid by credit card or by check card, it will depend on your bank. Our transactions happen instantly. You will need to contact your bank to see what their policy is for posting a refund.

Unconfirmed Address - This occurs when your payment was not completed through the PayPal checkout system. If you are paying by Credit Card or PayPal, we require that the billing address and shipping address are the same when ordering. This is to help prevent fraudulent activity and is a requirement that PayPal recommends.

Duplicate Orders - If we feel that an order was made in error, such as an obvious duplicate order, we will cancel the duplicate order and process the original order. If you were charged more than once, we will refund at the time of cancellation.